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K2 Show and Tell

Author: Claire Leow
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Show and Tell is an integral component of English in Primary 1 and 2 and is a formative assessment which tests pupils on their ability to speak about a certain topic in front of their peers. This component requires a child to be confident enough to speak in front of others and also develops effective communication and listening skills. Hence, it is essential that children start to develop these skills so that they can grow to be effective communicators who will learn to enjoy and excel in this component when they are older. Each book incorporates topics which are relevant to children and uses lively and colourful illustrations. Specific vocabulary is introduced in each topic so they will be able to use the appropriate terms. Sample templates are also provided to help children in their preparation for their own presentation. Through this book, children will be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle this component and gain the required confidence to speak in front of their classmates.

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Kindergarten 2