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P3 / P4 Model Drawing Made Easy & Inspiring

Author: Sandhya Sundar
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P3 / P4 Maths Model Drawing Made Easy & Inspiring Maths Model Drawing Made Easy and Inspiring is a series of 2 books that
aims to explain model drawing in a way that is easy and useful to pupils. This
series makes use of the dialogue between a teacher, Miss Yap, and her pupil,
Ben, to make learning interesting and promote conceptual understanding.
Skills are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Ample practices and reviews
reinforce pupils’ learning and understanding. There are also more challenging
problems marked with an asterisk (*) to stretch pupils’ potential.
Pupils will be inspired to think on their own leading them to discover different
ways of using model drawing to solve word problems effectively. This book will
prove to be a powerful tool for pupils and a useful reference for parents.

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Primary 3, Primary 4