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P6 Commonly Tested Science Examination Questions

Author: Weber Wong
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Commonly-tested Science Examination Questions is a series of four booksdesigned in accordance with the latest primary Science syllabus issued by theMinistry of Education. Each book is specially tailored to provide pupils withample practice on PSLE-style questions which are adapted from Singapore’stop primary schools. The practices are arranged topically to facilitate pupils’mastering of frequently-tested Science concepts in an orderly manner.Each book includes an introductory section comprising numerous usefulanswering techniques to enhance pupils’ approach in tackling multiple-choiceand open-ended questions in examinations.Each chapter in the book comprises two main sections:• Commonly-tested questionsThis section contains commonly-tested questions. By attempting thesequestions, pupils gain more exposure to commonly-tested Science concepts.Hence, they are able to reinforce their understanding better.• Challenging questionsThis section, containing more challenging questions, helps pupils developtheir higher-order thinking skills and apply Science concepts correctly.This must-have series seeks to help pupils be competent in answering thewide array of PSLE-style Science questions. Pupils will be better equipped tohandle their examinations with greater confidence and excel in their studies.

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