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Play and Learn K1 Vocabulary

Author: Kimberly Teh
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Welcome to this extraordinary series! The Play and Learn Champion Kids series is specially crafted to cover all six MOE Preschool Prescribed Learning Areas:
• Aesthetics and Creative Expression
• Numeracy
• Language and Literacy
• Motor Skills Development
• Discovery of the World
• Social and Emotional Development
This series includes activities such as:
Drawing • Writing • Counting • Matching • Tracing • Colouring
Cutting and Pasting • Performing Outdoor Activities

Comprising 5 to 8 units per book, there is a RECAP exercise at the end of each unit as well as
outdoor references. Easy games are included for children to play and have fun. Get all books for
Nursery, K1 and K2 and blaze through the learning trail today!

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Kindergarten 1