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Take Off to Primary 1 Chinese

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《升小一必备练习》是一套专为准备升上小学的学生而设计的学前作业, 分华文、英文、数学三本。每本作业份量十足,内容包罗万象, 是市面上难得一见的全面学前作业。配合这套超值学前作业而附送的《家长指导手册》, 专为现代父母而设计, 册子中所提供的各项指导原则, 是家长在帮助子女应付小学课程时, 所应该注意的事项, 包括: 学校的出题方式与特色, 学生容易犯错的作答方式, 怎样根据提示写出通顺的句子及段落, 怎样培养学童入学前的自信心等。Take Off to Primary 1 is specially written for pupils between the ages of 5 and 7 in preparation for primary school.Consisting of 3 books – English, Maths and Chinese – this series follows closely the MOE syllabus for Primary 1. In eachbook, difficult concepts are presented in a step-by-step way so as to facilitate systematic and sequential learning. AParents’ Guide is also provided to help the parent/teacher teach the pupil. This book contains a variety of practicequestions to engage the pupil in active learning. Examples are provided to introduce the different grammar andvocabulary items. Pupils are also taught the basic skills needed to understand the passages before attempting comprehension exercises. In the writing section, pupils are guided through a series of graded exercises to write compositions.

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