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Upper Block Challenging Science Exam Papers

Author: Janet Sim
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Upper Block Challenging Science Examination Papers is written according to the latestMOE Primary Science Syllabus. It consists of ‘Complete-It-Yourself Notes’ section and 10 setsof PSLE-standard examination papers. The questions in the examination papers are carefullycrafted to test pupils’ understanding of Science concepts.Complete-It-Yourself Notes• Self-revision guide comprising thematic notes and keywords – help pupils reinforce lessonslearnt in school• Diagrammatic approach – help pupils understand and visualise Science concepts10 sets of Examination Papers• Present higher-order thinking questions covering specific themes:Examination Papers 1 and 2 cover Systems and CyclesExamination Paper 3 covers Systems, Cycles and EnergyExamination Paper 4 covers Systems, Cycles and InteractionsExamination Papers 5 and 6 cover Energy and InteractionsExamination Papers 7, 8, 9 and 10 are PSLE Mock Exams I, II, III and IV respectivelyAnswers• Complete with detailed explanations – allow a deeper understanding of the answers toMultiple-choice and Open-ended questions• Highlighted keywords – help pupils achieve better grades by using the right words• Marking scheme – facilitates marking and assesses pupils’ learningThis book serves as an essential practice for pupils to excel in their school examinations and PSLE.

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Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6